MooGoo Scalp Cream Review

MooGoo Scalp Cream Review

Cradle Cap (Seborrheic Dermatitis)

Cradle cap is a common skin condition that usually affects infants between 1 and 3 months and usually clears up around 12 months old. Less commonly, children can experience cradle cap for longer.

Please contact your doctor for advice if it does not go away over a short period or you notice the patches spreading over your baby’s face and body.

My daughter is 5 months old and is experiencing a lot of cradle cap, and has a slightly larger fontanelle (Fontanelle is that soft spot that infants have on top of their skulls). Under the age of six months, I do not want to risk using any products with chemicals on her scalp.  Most of the products I have found have a disclaimer on packaging reading; ‘product can cause irritation and you should avoid washing and shampooing your baby’s hair during any treatment’.

MooGoo saves the day

MooGoo Scalp Cream is a vegan product that uses natural oils to treat the Cradle Cap in infant. The active ingredients in this product are Olive Oil and Coconut Oil and the combination of a few excipient ingredients that together work really well on removing the cradle cap out of my baby’s hair.

Value for money

Honestly the best part for me is that you don’t need to use much work to get a good result out of this product. Just a small amount of the cream spread on my baby’s scalp at night is all it takes, and when she wakes up a good amount of the cradle cap has come off or it’s just hanging out of the tip of her hair. The product retails for $17.95 for a 120 gm tube.

In my case, I saw the difference in her scalp after 48 hours of using the product and I’m still using it after a few days as she does have some cradle cap remaining but much less than the start and I would believe that in general you won’t really need to use this product for more than two weeks to be satisfied. Also, you can bath or shower as usual and I wash and shampoo her hair without any problem. According to the product’s description it can also be used for the relief of seborrheic dermatitis in adults so I would recommend it is worth a try if you suffer with this condition.

Pros: Effortless, fast action and nice smell

Cons: It will leave your baby’s hair a bit oily so it has that constantly wet look.

*This is an independent review and it’s not sponsored by any company/ brand.


Juliana Wilkinson

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