Kid’s Water Party

Kid’s Water Party

Would you like to plan your child’s Birthday Party with a water theme?

All you need is some inspiration and a little creativity to hold a really fun water party for your child. You do not even need a swimming pool!   This party is generally themed for School aged kids; 6+ years although you can keep the younger siblings happy too with a few ideas outlined below.

Keep in mind though, that whenever young kids are around; water safety is important. Never leave young children unsupervised.

Theme colours: blue, green, white, silver

Food: (that can be eaten with wet hands) Ocean theme for young children with jelly cups and sea creature cupcakes or for older kids;  Camo cupcakes, Target cake

Decoration: Camo prints

Games: This is by no means an extensive list, though should keep the kids occupied for hours!

Dunking station – Throw water balloons or a soft ball at a target to release a overhead water bucket on a kid seated underneath. See here for enquiries.

Obstacle course – Run around a track, under camo netting (buy meterage from spotlight), through a kids pool, over ladders, across balance beams.  If you’re handy you can make the obstacles, or buy from stores. Spray paint cardboard boxes as things kids can hide behind for cover,

Water gun battle – Every kid gets a water gun. You’ll need a filling station, we found these X Shots are the quickest to refill, just dunk them in a water filled blow up pool. You can give the kids white T-shirts and dye the water so it’s more obvious who is wet, and what team got you.

Beach Ball races – each team has a very large beach ball. They have to get the ball from one end of the park to the other using only water gun power.  No hands

Water bomb catch – overfill balloons, have the kids line up in two lines and throw to their team mate.

Water bomb shot put

Sponge relay – fill a bucket with water using sponges dunked in a bucket far away. See ideas here.

Water bomb piñata – overfill large punching bag balloons with water.

Younger kids may prefer a water blob to play or lay on. DIY instructions see Pinterest. Younger kids might also like to play with water balloons too.


A large pump action sunscreen, access to water, hand san, kids BYO towel, swim goggles and a dry change of clothes for the ride home.

Party gift: Wet bag; filled with trinkets and lollies

Amorette Zielinski

Amorette is a Mum of two boys who often keep her flying by the seat of her pants and a wife to a man who is so much fun to share life with; never dull! Friends often call her a ‘connector’ because she loves putting like minded people together curating experiences for them.

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