Who is the dog lady?

After a surge in the number of animal adoptions and puppies being brought into new homes this year since Covid-19, these furry friends settled into homes where there was someone home most or all of the time. So what do you if you have never owned a pet before or are trying to manage separation anxiety issues?

My family recently adopted two beautiful dogs from Jasmine Smart who runs Central West Animal Rescue.  Remo is a 9-year old Border Collie who has been incredibly well trained by his past owner who passed away, unfortunately. His behavior has consequently helped teach Emma; our 6-month old rescue puppy. Remo has been a terrific example to Emma, our cheeky and not-so-little Sprollie (Spaniel x Border Collie), what-not-to-do which is extremely helpful.

However, there were a few issues that needed to be addressed; like running out of the gate when we were trying to leave the house. I was referred to Deb Coleman and she immediately provided me with her expert advice over the phone to try, before I could arrange an appointment with her. As I followed her instructions with some small pieces of chicken each time I’d drive out the gate; after 10 days it worked – Just like that! Emma sat up as if to wave me goodbye without running out.

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Amorette Zielinski

Amorette is a Mum of two boys who often keep her flying by the seat of her pants and a wife to a man who is so much fun to share life with; never dull! Friends often call her a ‘connector’ because she loves putting like minded people together curating experiences for them.

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