Top 10 Late Autumn Garden Jobs

Top 10 Late Autumn Garden Jobs

We truly are lucky to live in a proper four seasons climate and Autumn really is one of the most spectacular.

Gorgeous days of sunshine, cooling nights, falling leaves of luminescent reds and liquid amber, and of course the glorious garden just waiting for us to get stuck in. It’s also an opportunity to put a little extra immune boosting wonders into our food in preparation for winter.

Here are our top 10 jobs for late Autumn.

1. The edible garden.

Plant the following seedlings in your veggie patch for a bumper winter crop:
Brassicas – kale, cauliflower and broccoli.
Broad beans and peas.
Carrots and beetroot.

2. Divide evergreen perennials and fill bare spots in the garden or pot up and give to family and friends. Bearded irises, catmint, lambs ears, achillea, etc.

3. Trim hedges.

Encourage thicker growth by hedging regularly. Hold off in winter when frosts are prevalent to prevent browning of foliage.

4. Weed the garden.

Whoever said, “a job done properly only needs doing once” clearly wasn’t a gardener! Weeds are inevitable. They can, however, be minimised and it is a job worth doing again and again as it reduces competition for nutrients and helps plants to thrive.

5. Mulch, mulch, mulch.

Tuck your plants up for winter with a lovely organic sugar cane blanket. Mulch keeps soil temperatures warmer, reduces weed competition, encourages microbial activity and also breaks down to create organic matter. Apply a thick layer of at least 8cm and top up again in spring.

6. Clean and oil tools.

On the cooler days, get your tools ready for winter pruning. Clean with soapy water and a scouring brush to remove any lingering pathogens. Oil moving parts.

7. Propagate.

Nature is incredibly giving and one of the best investments you’ll ever make. Almost everything in the garden can be propagated or will self seed. Share with family, friends and your community.

8. Compost fallen leaves.

Create your own nutrient gold by composting leaves. Add to your veggie patch.

9. Feed your garden.

We are fans of Yates dynamic lifter. It’s an organic slow release fertiliser that stinks to high heaven! Spread it like you’re feeding chickens. Your plants will love you for it.

10. Lawn maintenance.

Mow at a higher length and less often to encourage deeper root systems. Aerate and feed for a luscious green lawn in spring.

If you’d like to prepare our nourishing roast pumpkin soup, see here.


Henrietta Hood

Henrietta Hood is a horticulturist and one half of The Avid Gardener, Orange - the other half being the delightful Peta Swift. The two friends cofounded their business back in March 2020 (just as the world pandemic was announced) and haven’t looked back. Together they have a combined 35 years experience in gardening.

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