To BNB Or Not To BNB? Where Do You Start?

To BNB Or Not To BNB? Where Do You Start?

So, you have decided you want to be a part of the booming short term holiday rental accommodation boom – otherwise known as “having a BNB”.

Sounds easy? Of course – just furnish that house, take some photos, add them to a few accommodation platforms and from there it will take care of itself.

If only this was the case.

There are literally thousands of horror stories…. From the old couch which belonged to someone’s Great-Granny, the bed which rattles and squeaks whenever someone rolls over, through to the second-hand outdoor setting used as an indoor dining option.

Then there is the farm cottage which sleeps 6 but seating only for 4, or the townhouse with a TV the size of a small computer screen, or the X-rated art in a room designed for children (It is true – we have seen it all!!)

When furnishing and styling your BNB these are our 3 essentials for that perfect stay.

  1. The Couch.
    Relaxation is key when away from home – and the couch is the place where time will be spent reading, relaxing, watching TV or the post wine tour nap. Ensure it is comfortable, clean, and cosy.  Consider a sofa bed for additional sleeping options, the modern ones are great and come in a variety of styles from classic to modular.
  2. The Beds.
    Paramount to a great guest experience, invest in good quality beds which will guarantee  the perfect stay.  A bedhead creates a touch of luxury, along with crisp linen, some pretty cushions, and a throw, will create the feeling guests expect when away from home.
  3. Art & Décor
    It is so important to have well though out wall art and décor, to enhance the feel of your accommodation. Ensure to include a few well considered pieces – a great statement canvas in the living room and some interesting, framed posters in the bedrooms can transform your property.

Thinking this all sounds too hard, and no idea where to source the beds, furniture, or décor?

There are experienced professionals out there who can help you refresh your current BNB or if starting from scratch – can manage it all for you.

Great guest experiences = great reviews = great returns.

Ali Broinowski

Wife, mother, business owner, taxi driver, negotiator, organiser and lover of all things interiors - Ali has lived and worked in Central NSW for over 25 years. Having experienced first hand how overwhelming things can be when preparing a home for sale, moving house and more - she decided it was time to help!

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