How-To Create A Home Music Studio

How-To Create A Home Music Studio

Are you looking for ideas to create a music studio room at home? How about using a shipping container?

What started out as a September School Holiday project has blown out a little, but its well worth it.  This Mumma of a Drummer was punching out too many grey hairs and had to create some sort of sound-proofed studio for her aspiring musicians.  The garage was too close to the house, and the garden shed too cold and leaked.  So we removed the garden shed, and installed a shipping container.  I thought it would be relatively quick and straight forward, but the installation process was scarier than we thought.

The Process…

After removing fence panels, and transplanting bulbs from the garden bed, Bathurst Towing gently and carefully tipped the shipping container into position.  The fit was perfect, and my drummer and aspiring guitarist wanted to move in straight away.  The dogs thought there were rabbits living underneath the container, but we finally managed to convince them otherwise.

Having a good team of tradespeople is essential –

Derek Ashpole of Repairs and Renos Orange (ph: 0404 612 120) decided he would take on this crazy project, and after installing lights and power, and sourcing second hand windows and a sliding door, he was able to install Earthwool insulation and line the shed with pine board.  Unfortunately the October rains halted the process, and after adding a corrugated iron roof and a little verandah the studio was complete.

A very kind friend spent two days helping me seal the pine board, which dried very quickly, and my drummer just had to move in.  A “grass rug” helped soften the impact of the sound on the pine boards and while the jury is still out on whether we need to put acoustic panels on our beautiful walls but the addition of a banner announcing the band has certainly inspired my musicians.

Blue Collie Studios logo was beautifully, designed by Claire at Roadtrip Creative here in Orange, instantly meeting the brief of blokey but stylish, and was able to reformat the image for a banner in an instant.  Claire really is a legend.

Mumma has managed to make the IT work, and the recording studio is almost complete.  I realise there is always a little painting to be done somewhere, and the roses in the garden could grow a little faster, but the boys love the space, and I have been known to sneak in for some quiet time too.

Anna Perrett

Anna is a Mum of two boys aged 11 and 8, a Master of Early Childhood Education, and is completing further research into Outdoor Play. She is a passionate advocate for children and social justice.

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