Get Your Garden Summer Ready

Get Your Garden Summer Ready

The cicadas are emerging from the ground, the daily temperatures are steadily rising, Christmas carols are playing in the shops…summer is well and truly on its way. Now is the time to start preparing your garden for the extreme heat and lack of water that lends itself to summer in Australia.

Give your garden a spruce up and reduce competition for nutrients and water by giving it a good overall weed followed by a generous application of fertiliser. We like to use dynamic lifter. Word of warning, it has quite a pungent aroma but will settle down after 2-3 days and the results will be worth it. Trust us!

One of the most valuable things you can do for your garden is to mulch. Our personal preference is to use organic sugar cane or pea mulch. It tends to break down beautifully over time putting more organic matter back into the soil, encouraging earth worms and micro organisms for happy and healthy plants. Mulching suppresses weeds, retains important moisture and also reduces the amount of watering needed. Be generous with the amount of mulch you apply. At least 8-10cm in depth.

Water early in the morning or late in the evening. This will reduce evaporation, ensuring maximum moisture reaches the roots of your plants.

Most importantly, enjoy your garden. There will always be something to do and the job list will be never ending. A little bit consistently will reap rewards over time. Pour yourself a G&T and enjoy the warmer weather!

Lemonade lemon gin and tonic

Load a chilled glass (highball or rocks) with ice.

Pour 1 part gin over ice.

Squeeze a good amount (about half a lemonade lemon, less if using a normal lemon or lime) over gin and ice.

Add 3 parts tonic.

Garnish with more lemonade lemon and fresh rosemary from the garden (the rosemary adds to the experience with a lovely aroma every time you take a sip).

Enjoy in moderation.

Henrietta Hood

Henrietta Hood is a horticulturist and one half of The Avid Gardener, Orange - the other half being the delightful Peta Swift. The two friends cofounded their business back in March 2020 (just as the world pandemic was announced) and haven’t looked back. Together they have a combined 35 years experience in gardening.

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