Organic Drops With Pig In The House

Organic Drops With Pig In The House

It’s questionable whether wine runs through Jason O’dea’s veins instead of blood. He’s grown up around vines and wines all his life. Jason continued his family’s legacy studying Viticulture and Oenology. After completing his studies, Jason travelled the world researching how the art of wine making differs from Australian methods.

Upon his return with a light bulb moment, Jason decided to tap into a niche market of wine making. A wine that’s completely certified organic, vegan friendly and with little to no added sulphur. So Pig in The House was born.

Organically farming for 14 years, Jason and his wife make it their daily mission to use as little chemicals as possible. Pig in the House is very mindful of sustainability.

Jason’s passion for sustainable farming is evident across the winery with his regeneration project. Recycling, solar energy and use waste material is also implemented around the farm.

Season caught up with Jason to learn more about what makes Pig in the House organic wine’s so unique.

What was the inspiration behind creating an organic wine?
“When our first born was on the way my wife and I took the decision that we did not want any nasty chemicals landing on the roof and going into our drinking water”.

“We had both worked in conventional vineyards and we did not want the chemicals anywhere near our new prized baby”

What is it about your organic wine that makes it different from commercial wines?
“Organic farming is a way of thinking as much as anything else. Soil health is of utmost importance and we believe that this is why our wines are different to commercial wines. Yields are lower than in many conventional vineyards so that also helps with flavour intensity in the wines”.

How would you describe Pig in the House wines?
“The wines are a true expression of place. We use minimal winemaking or oak influence in our wines so that they reflect what this variety tastes like when it is grown in this place in this environment”.

You recently won a series of awards tell me how does that make you feel as an Organic wine grower?
“The show system in Australia is very competitive however it is a great chance to see where your wines sit in a commercial sense when judged by experts. They are great when you win! The most pleasing thing about the awards we have been winning has been the consistency. They keep picking up medals wherever they go”.

How challenging is it as an organic wine maker?
“All farming is challenging and growing grapes and making wine is no different. You are at the mercy of the season and the difficulty is coming out the other side with quality organic wines no matter what Mother Nature throws at you”.

It’s no secret it’s been a terrible year of drought, has this affected your crop?
“We have been very fortunate in this region. It was a very dry winter however we have had some decent falls of rain including 40mm in October. I know how lucky we are because if you drive less than an hour west of here it goes downhill very quickly”.

Is Pig in The House working on any exciting new blends for your range?
“We introduced a Rose to the range and it has gone extremely well for us which is great. It is made from Sangiovese grapes and is a wonderfully refreshing drink on a warm day”.

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