What’s In A Name?

What’s In A Name?

Central West Mum Anonymous Author 

I remember when I found out I was pregnant. My first thought was “I wonder if it’s a boy or girl” closely followed by the question “I wonder what we should name our baby”.

Many parents spend a lot of time conducting research seeking out the perfect word and syllables that their tiny human will identify with for the rest of their lives.

No doubt there’s been many an argument when hubbie loves the name “Hunter”, but it reminds you of the dog who lived next door when you were growing up. The dog’s name was Hunter, he used to dig up the garden.

Some people name their children after heroes, some after parents, some choose traditional names or name their kids after the royals of the world. Some have even chosen to call their kids after fruit, yes Gwyneth Paltrow I’m talking about you.

But on a serious note. When you spend all this time picking out the perfect name, why on earth do other parents take it upon themselves to shorten your chosen name?

If a parent doesn’t shorten their child’s name, then please note neither should you. A young child is probably too polite to mention they do not wish to be called Nicky instead of Nicola.

And if her parents wanted her to be called Nicky, they would have written it on the birth certificate.

I always wonder if children who have their name shortened by a third party have an identity crisis later in life. Which name do they relate to more? Which should they use? Is it super confusing because the name they go by is different to that on their birth certificate?

It’s of course a completely different set of circumstances if the parent of a child decides to give them a nick name or shortens it. The parent in question has made the decision that little Jonathan will be known as Jonny, but the point is that was their decision.

As a parent that constantly has my children’s name shortened. I don’t appreciate it when someone takes it upon themselves to shorten them.

Perhaps it’s not done on purpose, though next time you go to shorten a child’s name, think about it and give them the respect they deserve.