Teach Your Kids How To Be An Upstander

Jessica Hickman spoke with Central West Mums about how you can be proactive as a parent and teaching kids how to become an ‘Upstander’ in our society when it comes to bullying behaviour.

Jessica is a leadership coach, speaker, educator, and author with a core focus on empowering others to own their ability with authentic confidence driving change and innovation. As the founder of Bullyology, Jessica leads the Upstander Movement creating cultural change in workplaces and community. Jessica provides individuals, schools and companies with the tools and strategies that will enable them to create a thriving respectful workplace free of bullying and harassment.

Jessica is a published author and globally recognised speaker who is deeply committed to building strong workplace and school cultures so people can be psychologically safe across the region and beyond.

The key messages covered in our video are;

  1. Talk with and listen to your kids – Everyday.
  2. Be a good example of kindness and leadership
  3. Learn the signs
  4. Create healthy anti-bullying habits early
  5. Help your child’s school address bullying effectively
  6. Establish household rules about bullying
  7. Teach your child how to be an Upstander
  8. Teach your child about cyberbullying

Parents can find out more info here.

Website – https://bullyology.com/

Bullyology Facebook page can be found here.

Instagram – @bullyology



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