Celebrating Scots All Saints College Year 12 students

Celebrating Scots All Saints College Year 12 students

As Year 12 students approach the end of their schooling Scots All Saints College ensured this important milestone was celebrated well.

There have been many challenges faced by all schools this year due to the impact of COVID-19 as teachers, staff and students had to modify their educational programs, sometimes on a daily basis to maintain the NSW Government Health Guidelines.

Scots All Saints College in Bathurst was more fortunate than most schools to be able to deliver continuity of learning in the classroom and/ online as required. With two spacious campuses, students were able to literally ‘spread out’ and Middle School (5-8) boarders were able to be housed on the All Saints Campus and Senior Boarders (9-12) housed on Scots Campus.

Scots All Saints College was extremely fortunate to be able to maintain all of our core curricular programs, our boarding school and where possible find new ways of doing things such as the introduction of our “Active Afternoon” sports program activities such as mountain biking, scooters, running, martial arts, orienteering, soccer, hockey and rugby could continue inside school time. Sports carnivals also could take place in new ways.  Despite the challenges, our Year 12  were very well prepared for the HSC as we were able to operate almost completely as before coronavirus with minimal disruption. For students who needed to isolate online and video lessons were provided so that students experienced very little difference in their preparation for the HSC compared to a “normal” year.

Throughout the final week of Term 3, Year 12 students enjoyed some fun and games before the start of their Higher School Certificate (HSC).

There was also been some organised games including a Year 12 versus teachers volleyball game (which the teachers won), a scavenger hunt, a water fight and a scooter time trial.

“The staff are very proud of how the Year 12s have handled this year and how they’ve conducted themselves going into their HSC exams. (see photos – dress up in their favourite childhood character)

A special ceremony was held at Aikman Hall on Friday morning 16 October for teachers, staff and senior students to farewell their Year 12 students. There was a moving tribute by College Captains, Natalia Burgess and Harry Dickenson reflected on the resilience of the College to pull together and continue to provide supportive and motivational learning. Friendships made throughout their schooling was strengthened and they will always cherish the memories of their time here. As they are now sit their Higher School Certificate (HSC) and move onto the next journey of their lives as young men and women of purpose, we trust that their efforts and preparations have guided them to achieve their best. Due to COVID-19 Safe practices, parents and family were unable to attend the ceremony in person but a special video presentation was shared with their parents and the College community.

The Year 12 Formal Farewell will be held at the Bathurst Goldfields on 27 November 2020.  Senior staff are working closely with their Year 12 students to ensure they celebrate the occasion in style. Academic prizes and awards will be presented to the Year 12 students on this evening, in the presence of their parents. We wish all Year 12 students all the best in their HSC exams and for their next chapter beyond the school gate.


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