What Parents Need To Know About Climate Change

Hello fellow Central West Mums,

I know that Climate Change can seem like a complex and often daunting subject, so I’m here to help you get your head around it, with reviews of the most helpful books that I’ve read, info and recommendations on the best podcasts from around the world on the subject and updates as to what the latest happenings are.  I’ll also have an ongoing Q&A session, where I’ll research the answers and explain why the sources are reliable.

Why? Because:

1. Our kids need us to know about it
2. With knowledge you have the power to make the best decisions
3. Until they are adults, kids need us to make the best decisions for their future on their behalf
4. No matter what you do in life, we can all steer the ship in the right direction. Sometimes we forget that we pull big levers of change when we invest, choose a super fund, a bank or vote. Then there are the small day to day decisions that, if undertaken en masse, add up to big impacts. Most solutions make life better in other ways too.
5. Climate change will impact everything and is being affected by all aspects of the way we live. To be able to keep doing the things that we love, we all need to tackle climate change.

I’m really looking forward to getting this conversation going with you!




Here’s a couple of recommended books for you if you want to get a jump-start….

1. The Weather Makers – Tim Flannery (2006) – or the more concise revision, We Are The Weather Makers.

The book that for many people kicked off their whole climate-awareness shebang. Obviously the science hasn’t changed, there is just more certainty. In his own word, Flannery ” wrote the book with his grandmother in mind and deliberately used plain language that he knew we would understand.”

2. The Future We Choose – Christiana Figueres and Tom Rivett-Carnac

This is one of the most inspiring books I’ve ever read about climate change. The authors were key orchestrators of the UN Paris Agreement in 2015, so they understand not only the science but the diplomacy, politics, corporate considerations and human impacts of acting or not acting on climate. Importantly though, they are more aware than anyone about the huge range of solutions humanity can adopt and inspire us to adopt ten concrete actions we can all do. It sets out two distinct kinds of futures available to us right now in 2020. One of these we definitely do NOT want to choose for our children but it is good to take a fearless look at it.  The other is the one we can and must choose, and we need to recognise that we are in a unique window right now to make this our future.

Kate Hook

Kate Hook founded Futuring Orange to facilitate local awareness and action on Climate Change and other sustainability issues. She has been actively involved in climate change research and action for 15 years after first studying it 28 years ago and keeping a close eye on the issue ever since.

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