Design Ensures Giving Is The Gift

Design Ensures Giving Is The Gift Credit: Diana Smith Photography

Mother’s Day candle graphic designer Claire Fox

In the final of three profiles about the creators behind the Mother’s Day candle we talk to graphic designer Claire Fox who is based at Hive in Orange.

Claire is a self-confessed colour nerd and the tin of coloured pencils on her desk is just a hint at her life-long passion for illustrating and creating beautiful designs. Since moving back to Orange and joining the creative community her diary has filled just through word of mouth and has designed all of the label and packaging for the CWM candle.

Orange and city girl

Claire grew up in Orange and was keen to move to Sydney after high school to experience working in various agencies, corporates and signage companies to round out her education.

“I’ve always been quite creative, I guess. My brother got all the sporty genes. I kind of missed out on all of that and preferred being in front of a computer or creating because I just love colour,” she said.

Along the way Claire met Patrick and after their marriage and three children (Felix, Eleanor and Matilda) life got crazy in the city so they both wanted out. Claire couldn’t wait to get back to Orange with its lovely spaces and smaller, country-town vibe.

Claire’s husband Patrick is also self-employed and they wondered how they would go with finding enough work but neither had difficulty and both are staying busy. As a builder, Patrick is in demand now and they are both confident this was a good decision.

“When I got into business in Orange I was surprised at how many entrepreneurial people there are, or those who need bits and pieces, so it’s just worked out really well, surprisingly,” Claire said.

Find the way into a community

When initially back in Orange Claire did a social media workshop by Sophie Hansen so she could starting meeting people and there got her first two graphic design jobs. “I haven’t needed to advertise since, and being in the HIVE has helped me greatly for networking and hearing about new jobs,” she said.

Whilst Claire’s biggest interest is Illustrator-based design for children’s books, she gains great pleasure coming up with a concept that suits her client(s). “The logos and brochures reflect the client or their business as much as we can,” she said. “Some of my recent clients include a booklet for Woolerina (Forbes), a mural for the new PHYZ X premises, a logo for a photographer and brochures and design-guides for Housing Plus, so there is no shortage of variety.”

Designing a feeling

For her meeting about the CWM gift, Ami brought in a candle and let it burn during their discussions. They talked how it would work with Annabel’s painting and what the gift should look like. Together they came up with the name, colour theme and style and agreed how the label and packaging should speak of self-care and restfulness. “I think we achieved the goal of incorporating all the elements, including the lovely artwork, to make something really beautiful to reward mothers for an amazing job,” Claire said.

A window into a calm landscape

The final arch design draws you in and Claire feels this is an ideal way of saying that Orange makes you feel welcome and nurtures everyone to reach their potential. And just like the invitation Ami gave to Claire to design event materials for the first Mumfest, or hearing about CWM before that from friends for tips and information when ‘new’ to town as a parent, many windows have opened for Claire and her family.

You can find more on Claire’s design work here on her website  or on Insta @helloroadtripcreative 

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Diana Smith

I'm an Orange-based photographer, writer, face painter and book designer. I enjoy meeting the lovely folk of our community and have been involved in publishing/media/comms for about 15 years. I have done several exhibitions and in 2022 published my own childrens story, 'The Mouses Houses.'

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