10 Tips To Prepare Dogs For Winter in Australia

10 Tips To Prepare Dogs For Winter in Australia Portrait of an Australian Shepherd, by the campfire. Dog lies on fur coat at dusk.

The weather has turned cold here in many parts of Australia including the Central West; we are all donning our winter coats and snuggling up inside.

Now is the time to consider how you will keep your dog warm and dry over winter:

  1. Provide outside dogs with an insulated, above ground kennel and blankets to keep them warm. Ensure it is sheltered from prevailing winds. (You may need more than one kennel if you have multiple dogs)
  2. Bring senior dogs and puppies inside as the colder temperatures will affect them more profoundly. Provide a quiet, safe area with comfortable warm bedding. There are various heated dog beds available now with the top 10 reviewed here
  3. Provide waterproof lined coats for outside dogs and also when taking inside dogs out for toilet/play/walks. Older dogs and puppies may also benefit from an indoor doggy jacket
  4. Ensure your dogs have plenty of water and can move away from any heat sources like a fire or heater to prevent over heating
  5. Consider keeping the fur on your clipped dogs slightly longer during the winter months
  6. Rug up and continue regular exercise routines which will be beneficial for both you and your dog – get those endorphins charging!
  7. Try some new enrichment ideas on the really cold days to stimulate your dog’s mind with inspiration here.
  8. Keep up to date with Vet checks and discuss supplements, medication and injections in need, particularly for senior dogs. Always contact your Vet if you see any changes in your dogs health or behaviour
  9. Investigate dog booties to protect your dog’s paws if you are planning adventure activities in the ice and snow; shop here.
  10. Last but by no means least, snuggle up with your dogs and loved ones – we all know the benefit of body heat !
Debra Coleman

Debi is a professional dog trainer and behaviour specialist. Her passion is to help caregivers of family pet dogs build lasting relationships through education and understanding. Debi is a force free accredited professional who also trains and assesses therapy dogs and Psychiatric Assistance dogs throughout Central West NSW

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