The Rural Sleeping Co. Sleep Consultant

The Rural Sleeping Co. Sleep Consultant

Here at The Rural Sleeping Co I will work closely with you to ensure the sleep support I provide for you aligns with your parenting values and goals.

I provide comprehensive sleep plans and packages that will address every element of your child's sleep needs. Your little one's individualised sleep plan will include an in-depth overview of your child's sleep needs, nutrition including milk feeds and solid intake, sleep associations, sleep environment, routine including naps and night sleep as well as night time expectations. 

I will take the guesswork out of sleep by assisting and supporting you to make informed changes to your child's sleep. 

I have combined my qualifications and experience as an early childhood and primary teacher, a mother and a sleep consultant to create a holistic approach to infant and toddler sleep.  

I know all too well the effects of sleep deprivation. But, with the right information, tools and support I know the light at the end of the tunnel is in fact not too far away. 

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