The Helper Collective

We’re a little different…

We don’t like to pigeonhole ourselves; we like to help.

We are outside-the-square thinkers who can adapt their thinking to the different circumstances or situations presented to us.

We love coming up with new ideas and bringing projects to life.

We are curious and have built a diverse set of skills and experience.

We take knowledge from one area and apply it to solve a problem in a different field.

We are visionary, optimistic and passionate.

We are Helpers.

Our Services Include:

  • Writing: content writing, feature writing, copywriting.
  • Visual Assets: brochures, social media assets, infographics.
  • Business Operations: customer/user experience, project management, process and procedure design and implementation.

Together, we will ignite the possibilities within you or your business, inspire you to take meaningful action towards your goals and create an impact that amplifies your capacity.

Marika xx