The Coaching Centre

The Coaching Centre are regional and international leaders in human development, training and developmental coaching for you to achieve a higher level of performance. For individuals, groups and companies. Are you ready to get more productivity and engagement?

The Coaching Centre specialise in international licensed training and coaching programs including;

Self-Actualisation Leadership Diploma

Coaching Essentials

Certified Meta-NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner

Meta-Coaching, Developmental Coaching

Executive Manager Coaching

Unleashing Vitality


Collaborative Leadership

Group and Team Coaching

Unleashing Leadership

A Self Actualising Life

Accessing Personal Greatness

Figuring Out People

Unleashing Potentials

Effective Parenting 

Facilitation Skills

Defusing Hotheads

Emotional Intelligence

Supervisor Mentoring

Lean Business Excellence

Business Leadership

Trainer Skills for Leaders

For further information and to engage The Coaching Centre contact Shawn on 0439194323 or email