Step Up Financial Group

We take a holistic approach to financial planning… meaning we understand life isn’t just about money, but money affects every part of your life.

We’re proud to guide, nurture, motivate, inspire, educate and empower you to achieve financial security – not just in retirement, but throughout your life.

It is our absolute passion to help you Step Up and take control of your financial future.

Want to hear a secret?

Financial Planning is not just for the over 55s.

At Step Up Financial Group, our experienced, caring team of financial planners helps Australians of all ages grow and protect their wealth. It takes time to build wealth and security, and finding the right financial planner early can change your life.

“The life choices we make every day will determine what our future looks like.”  

Why wait until you're 55?

…when you can start now. Developing a solid financial and life goals plan, and regularly reviewing that plan, helps you to stay on track.

We live in a noisy, distracting world, and it’s vital for us to take time out and get some clarity around where we are and where we want to be.

If you find yourself somewhere you don’t want to be… what do you need to do to change it? Let us help you meet your financial goals for your 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and beyond!

“When dreams aren’t achieved, we live lives of mediocrity.”

Who are our clients?

Our clients are wealth accumulators aged 25 – 45pre-retirees aged 45 – 65 and retirees 65+, who know they need to take control of their finances, but lack the knowledge, skills or time to do so effectively.

For some of our clients, retirement is close, for others it seems like a little too far away to do anything proactive about. But the desire to build wealth is there.

Here at Step Up Financial Group, we recognise that each of our clients has a unique story and an individual set of circumstances, and our caring financial planners carefully develop a unique insight into each client… enabling them to provide the right financial plan so they can achieve their goals.

“Because there’s nothing romantic about poverty.” ~ Julie Nipperess

What we do

As fully qualified, experienced financial planners, we’re able to provide you advice on:

How we do it

Clients often know they need help, but are unsure of the process.

We use a unique, insightful 5-step process to help you step up and take control.

It starts with listening and uncovering…

…and continues with discovering, planning, strategising and looking for opportunities.

We help you launch the plan that will grow your wealth, protect your wealth and keep you in control.

When experience counts

Our fully qualified, experienced financial planning team has a proven track record of helping educate and empower hundreds of Australians to take control of their financial future.

But it takes more than just qualifications and close to two decades in the industry.

It takes passion and perseverance, humour and humility to thrive in a region that has seen great growth, but one that has suffered the ravages of drought and all it brings.

We’re fiercely proud to be part of this stunning region, and our deep understanding of each individual situation will help achieve the best possible outcome for you.