Martelli Orchards

Who we are:

We are a small, local family run business that delivers fresh fruit and vegetables direct to your door. We own and operate two orchard farms in Orange and Borenore NSW.

We have over 40-years’ experience in the fruit and vegetable industry; cultivating and growing on our land to selling our produce at the local farmers markets and Sydney Paddy’s Market.

In February this year, the world stopped due to COVID-19. Consequently, we found many of our elderly family and friends unable to gain access to fresh fruit and vegetable and there began Martelli Orchards Fresh Fruit and Vegetable free home delivery service.

Community Ties:

Over the years we built a trustworthy and close association with our fellow growers, wholesalers and other produce services. Our knowledge, years of experience and relationships with other growers enable us to provide our customers with highest, freshest quality, NSW grown produce at the best price.

Farm Fresh delivered straight to your door!!

All our produce goes direct to our customers, not having to pass through a distribution centre!!