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The Burnout Recovery Dr

Jo Braid is an experienced certified coach, with an advanced burnout coaching certification. Jo is also a doctor of 20 years. She helps exhausted women overcome burnout and get their energy back, feel productive again and enjoy work and life. 

Any topic can be brought to coaching including workplace issues, weight management, money matters, relationships, self talk and parenting. Every session is 100% confidential, conducted virtually (via Zoom), and a safe space allows the client to clear their mind of whatever is weighing them down, without judgement or opinion. 

Dr Jo Braid is also a Brain Injury Doctor working at Bathurst Health Service. She strongly believes in mind-body health and the value of maintaining good emotional health. 

Check out the Burnout Recovery Podcast for a wealth of resources on burnout. Http://podfollow.com/burnout-recovery-podcast

For enquiries and to connect with Jo, book in for a free consult via her website https://Dr Jo Braid.com/call