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CP -Conscious Pregnancies (Registered Nurse, facilitator/teacher in complementary therapies

Our mission at Conscious Pregnancies is to provide the space for women, anywhere on their journey from pre-conception to birth, to find clarity by accessing their innate wisdom.

Women intuitively know what is best for themselves on their journey to motherhood - yet the path can sometimes seem confusing and overwhelming, with information overload!

Learning to connect with yourself and becoming clear on what you need and want during this stage of life is vital - and it can be easy!

Our mission at Conscious Pregnancies is for women to reconnect to their innate wisdom, and gain clarity, confidence & empowerment on their unique paths to motherhood. We recognise the powerful role of intuitive connection, conscious and informed choice in pregnancy. and self-development/self-healing work as a lifestyle. 

This is an empowered life. It is creating and embracing healthy, compassionate boundaries. It is FREE from attachment and FULL of love.

Women and their families who experience informed and empowered pregnancies reflect feelings of adaptability, ease and an overall greater satisfaction with their pregnancy journey. They feel a sense of being heard, seen and respected during one of the most vulnerable times in their lives.

Daily societal life and expectations can bring disconnection and disempowerment, leaving us unsure of how to reconnect to the self. Through services such as 1:1 Consultations, 1:1 Guided & Group meditations, Reiki, Workshops, Conscious Pregnancy Courses & Holistic Pregnancy Mothers Groups, you will regain that deep sense of clarity & connection - able to experience your pregnancy with greater awareness, understanding, choice and adaptability.