The Granudie Story
Once upon a time, in the far-away land of rural NSW, the idea of Granudie was born; which like many good ideas, was conceived over several glasses of champagne.

Prior to that evening of enlightenment, Su had been baking granola for over a decade. Her recipes were trialled and tasted countless times, allowing her to develop a rich variety of distinctive flavour combinations and a crunchy, unrefined texture. Su’s creations were a favoured staple in gifted food hampers, at Christmas breakfast tables, and in the bellies of peckish companions. So renowned and desired was Su’s granola that it was even used as a currency among friends!

One such friend was named Joel. Joel happened to have successful business experience in addition to a serious case of the munchies. It is rumoured his first meeting with Su eventuated accidentally when he followed his nose -- intrigued by the irresistibly scrumptious aromas drifting from her kitchen window.

One wintery evening, as the Millthorpe sun set over a patchwork of paddocks, and the daytime bleating of sheep was replaced by the melodic buzz of nocturnal insects and frogs, Joel proposed that Su promote her locally famed granola to more distant lands. “But how could I ever manage such a venture? I have not the confidence, nor the experience", Su groaned as she poured herself a second goblet of sparkling chardonnay. "Besides, granola is a culinary buzzword these days. How could we possibly compete with all of those other established supermarket brands?” Joel thought and he thought. And when he had finished thinking, he thought some more. “I have an idea!” he announced.

After many months of deliberating and hard work, Su and Joel established a small granola business, ‘Granudie’. Joel explained to the townspeople, “The Granudie name stems from our use of bare, preservative and additive-free ingredients; some of which are unapologetically a little naughty!” Audible gasps from pessimistic supermarket-brand consumers were quickly quietened by the growing number of true granola culinarians, who had been eagerly awaiting the arrival of a humble yet high-quality product. “You can also consume Granudie granola in various states of dress (or undress) by eating it nude -- that is, straight from the bag as a nourishing snack

-- or dress it up as recommended for something a little more layered and filling.” “See for yourself" said Su, as she distributed samples of Granudie to the townspeople.

And so the townspeople took home their samples, and word quickly spread that Granudie granola was by far the most delicious and diverse in all the land. Su and Joel were quickly inundated with requests for sales from individuals, families and local businesses. “Holy Granoly!” exclaimed Su, “I can’t believe how much interest we have had! We should get a move on!” Joel nodded, “You do the cooks, and I’ll do the books”.

And so, here we are…

The End