54 Peisley St, Orange, NSW, 2800
Frame Effect

We opened the doors to FRAME EFFECT back in July 2010 and are proud leaders in the picture framing and wall decor industry in the Central West and all across Australia.


We love what we do.

We believe that whatever 'it' is that you've walked in the door with to chat about, well, it's important. That's enough of a reason for us to help you see it in its best light, for years to come.


At Frame Effect we like to think there is nothing that can't be framed.

From surfboards to dresses, antique table wear to boxing gloves, vintage bathers to jewellery, scalpels to tea cups, wedding bouquets to sea dragons and everything in between!

Our design team will work with you in choosing the right colours and moulding that will bring out the best of your artwork and complement your decor.

We are also happy to consult with you at your home or office for style advice and ideas.


We can help find that perfect piece for your wall either from our sister store The Peisley St Gallery or via our numerous channels from around the world.


Not sure what you’d like or how it would look?

We also offer an INSITU Service where we can show you exactly what the work will look like on your wall.


We like to say we travel the world everyday day.

We have no idea who’s going to come in and what they’ll be bringing for us to help them with but either way we love throwing open the doors every day and can’t wait to see you soon!


Leiarna xx