Level 1, Suite 3, 226-232 Summer St, Orange, NSW, 2800
Cherie Amour Beauty



It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to CHERIE AMOUR BEAUTY!


CHERIE AMOUR has been a dream in my heart forever, yet the spark only came alive one Mother’s Day when I began to think ‘What would my Mum really want that she wouldn’t ask for?’ 

And that’s when I got the idea to create for her a mini-spa pamper session. For the lady who always does everything for everyone else, now this was all about loving on her. Her whole face beamed with excitement and sighs of well-deserved relaxation as she melted into the most peaceful and joyful state that lasted for the rest of the day.


From here, her word of mouth spread far and wide and I began to set up a permanent pampering experience for others in the front room of my own home.


I began to see the power of pampering, even as simple as it is, can allow women the space to fully relax and feel valued and refreshed in a way that many other things cannot. This is the moment I knew I wanted to do this forever.


Throughout my training I have directed my focus towards the purpose of ‘What does it take to make someone feel pampered, truly loved and valued?’ I believe it comes down to the little things, the subtle details that demonstrate that every aspect was mindfully thought of and purposefully chosen. The visual aesthetics, the atmosphere, that feeling of awe and beauty when you walk into a space, the availability of quality products that I can believe in 100%. The authenticity of care and services that lovingly highlight your individual beauty, the effort taken to make each and every detail the best of quality and comfort so that your experience will be one to remember.


This journey has led me here, to this beautiful place that I now have the privilege of welcoming you to – so that you may have the opportunity to take some time out for yourself, to truly relax, rest and be pampered.



Let me tell you about a few of my favourite treatments:


Our specialist treatment TRUEBROW™ is about timeless authenticity in saving the natural brow! TRUEBROW™ restores what is lost or compromised in your natural brow, not by looking at what it lacks, but by using world class design principals and techniques to nurture the brow back into its most beautiful potential naturally. This can take time, care and precision, but it’s absolutely worth it. Your own natural brow is timeless.


'Learn the LOOK' is our newest addition. We have a selection of makeup looks for you to choose from, which you and your group of 4 or 5 can book in at any time to learn how to create this look yourself! Bring your own makeup kit and brushes to learn how to use what you have to create the look you want (or take advantage of the kit provided).

Our Signature Facial Treatment is an experience of deep relaxation, tailored to the needs of your skin with our Beautiful Osmosis products that don't just care for your skin, but teach your skin to care for itself.

Osmosis moves away from just the topical benefits of skin care and works to heal the skin from the inside out, using only the finest medical grade, results-driven products, leaving your skin refreshed, nourished and hydrated. Every Facial also includes beautiful relaxing massage.


OTHER TREATMENTS include: Relaxation Massage, Lash & Brow Tinting, Manicure & Gel Nails, Makeup & Hair Styling


Love your natural brow

Love your skin

Love what makes you YOU!


Love Anna x