Career Mum Collective

Career Mum Collective

I’m a full time working mum (for a not for profit company), a mum of 2 boys, and founder of Career Mum Collective.


Since becoming a mum I have been faced with the challenges that every ambitious career mum faces: the judgement, the obstacles to overcome, and the support that’s somehow *still* lacking, even though we’re supposed to have ‘evolved’ a bit by now (right?!)..


I’ve been managing teams for over a decade and I have scaled the corporate ladder. I oversee multiple locations across the state of NSW and have a large team throughout.


I love my career in corporate, however I wanted to start Career Mum Collective to support even more career driven mums like me outside of my own internal team.


During this time I have enjoyed managing people the most and watching as they become empowered to make their own decisions and trust that I will support them 100%. 


I see a lot of online communities out there supporting women in business, or the likes but all I could find was 100% online and nothing out there for women in roles within an organisation, company, managers, executives, CEO’s etc.


I wanted to create something fun and exciting that members could receive once a month, and combine this with an online component, and that’s how Career Mum Collective was born!


Why subscribe to Career Mum Collective? 

I want you to have a feeling of connection when you receive your box. I want you to know that you are a part of something bigger than yourself, I want you to feel purposeful. 


I know what it’s like to juggle a career you love and a family. I hear the passing comments from people when I tell people my children are in daycare almost full time. I understand the emotions that come from comments like this, the feelings of guilt, exhaustion and burnout. 


A Career Mum Collective Subscription is perfect for:

You can - absolutely should - spoil yourself with our incredible boxes that will help you navigate the tricky waters of being an ambitious career mum. But did you know you can also share the love around?! The Career Mum Collective is perfect as a gift for your team too. Think of how supported your team will feel from their people leader and receive a box to help them thrive not only at work but in life too? 


Talk about a boost of team morale !


Each month we focus on a theme related to careers or personal development.


Inside each box will be:

- A book related to the theme of the month 📖 

- A handful of luxe stationery items 🖊 

- Plus one extra item, just because 😏 -

- You’ll be invited into an online community of like-minded women, to build connections, learn from one another, grow, and have fun. 💃 

- PLUS each month be invited to an exclusive masterclass run by authors, speakers, and coaches.